Our wines

Our wines


Vineyard :

Bourgogne - Côte de Nuits - village of Morey-Saint-Denis.
Morey-Saint-Denis wines are rare, and white Morey-Saint-Denis even rarer.
Our white Morey comes from a parcel of vines with clay-limestone soil.

Area : 0,23 hectare

Grape variety : Chardonnay (90%), Pinot Blanc (5%), Pinot Meunier (5%)

Year planted : 2003

Altitude : 250 meters


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Vineyard work :

November: Pruning preparations
Until the end of February: Pruning and shredding of vine shoots
March: Final pruning and vineyard repair work
April - May: Rigorous shoot thinning and trellising (first pass)
June: Trellising (second pass)
July: Trellising (third pass)
August, before veraison: Leaf thinning, trimming or no trimming of the vines, depending on the prevailing weather conditions.

Soils :

Soils are worked as little as possible to avoid disturbing microbial life and to maintain a healthy environment.
At the end of winter, we use an inter-vine weeder at a maximum depth of 5 cm to control natural weed growth in the plots.
In June and July, the plots are manually hoed to remove larger thistles.

Control method :

The estate has been certified Organic by ECOCERT since 2017.
To take this approach even further, our control method is based on observation, rigorous monitoring of weather conditions and disease pressures, in order to minimize the number of passes.
We strive to reduce the use of copper and sulfur as much as possible.

Harvest :

Hand harvested with sorting in the vineyard. The grapes are transported in small crates. A second sorting of grapes is done in the winery.
Processed on a vibrating table before the press.

Vinification :

Direct pressing of whole bunches.
Transfer to vats and settling for 24 hours, prior to the spontaneous start of alcoholic fermentation.
Wines are then racked at a density of 1040 for a slow fermentation in oak barrels.

Maturation :

Matured for 12 months in oak barrels, without any stirring of the lees.

Wine character :

This Morey-Saint-Denis is the estate's only white wine. It is both dense and crisp, striking a balance between the fruit and minerality. Harmonious, it delivers notes of citrus and grapefruit on the palate, and is best enjoyed in its youth.

Food and wine pairings :

Firm-fleshed fish, steamed or grilled shellfish, tender white meats.